Proxy Wallet / Smart Contract / Airdrop

 Proxy Card will release a new smart contract with new ePRX tokens.

 Proxy Card will hand out new ePRX tokens in the following ratios to old PRXY Token Holders and eBTC Token Holders

eBitcoin’s Merchant Gateway is live

Plugins for eCommerce Solutions, already 3000 Merchants, Fiat-to-eBitcoin option, Paypal payout option. After the exchange integrations, our Merchant & Payment Gateway to accept eBitcoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other top 50 altcoins has finally launched, marking a big turning point for eBitcoin! Up to this point, we actually had very little other than promises to […]

eBitcoin Foundation Partners with MoxyOne, a White Label Debit Card and complete infrastructure solution

For our mission to have eBTC as a payment solution, having a debit card would of course make it much easier to spend your crypto on a daily base — online or offline everywhere. As the Proxy Wallet is almost finished, we fell in love with the idea and possibility to add a debit card solution to […]

Details of the Partnership with REGA RISK SHARING & eBitcoin Foundation

As REGA Risk Sharing joined us back in December, we have ironed out most of the details of this cooperation and are excited to present them to you now. As REGA is building a crowdsurance platform, profits will naturally be generated. Since we loved this idea of crowdsurance and REGA joined our Ecosystem offering its […]