Community Involvement Guide
for the advancement of eBitcoin

Contribute Twitter Feedback 
Perform a search in twitter for specific terms related to or and provide constructive feedback to those tweets. One example is: Search the term “Cryptocurrency Payment Solution”. Scan through the “Latest” tweets using this term. Provide constructive and meaning full feedback to those tweets, by mentioning that is an end-to-end cyptocurrency payment solution.
Generate News
Write a constructive & truthful story or article about either or Reach out to news agencies, news tip lines, news submission websites, or even post your article on Medium, Reddit or other news platforms.
Promote Merchant Services
Locate online merchants that do not have crypto currency payment solutions in place, directly reach out to them and request that they adopt into their shopping cart.
Promote Global Crypto Time™
Locate ICOs and/or blockchain companies that could benefit from the use of a standardized Cryptocurrency Time Zone. Directly reach out to them, introduce them to, and request that they adopt and recognize GCT as an industry standard in the crypto world.
Promote on Social Media
Reach out to acquaintances or friends who are popular on social media outlets. Explain to them how eBitcoin is changing the world, ask them to post or tweet about or
Generate Media
If you have the skills, generate videos, graphics and artwork that will help with the advancement of or

Special Note: Remember you will be representing eBitcoin and our entire community. Please be respectful, informative, helpful, courteous and do not use spam methods or techniques.