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eBitcoin’s Merchant Gateway is live

Plugins for eCommerce Solutions, already 3000 Merchants, Fiat-to-eBitcoin option, Paypal payout option. After the exchange integrations, our Merchant & Payment Gateway to accept eBitcoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other top 50 altcoins has finally launched, marking a big turning point

Jon Greenwood joins eBitcoin Foundation and our Ecosystem

Jon Greenwood, the creator of GreenBits wallet and CEO of CryptoCriterion joins eBitcoin Foundation & our Ecosystem. After having several conversations with Jon about the vision for eBitcoin, its Ecosystem, and also clarifying that we do not want to copy

eBitcoin & Jetcoin partnership for global awareness

Despite a huge increase in awareness of Cryptocurrencies, many see this age of digital currencies as complicated and daunting. If Cryptocurrencies are to result in mass adoption, they need to appeal to the masses. They must be user-friendly, easily accessible,

Proxy Wallet / Smart Contract / Airdrop

 Proxy Card will release a new smart contract with new ePRX tokens.  Proxy Card will hand out new ePRX tokens in the following ratios to old PRXY Token Holders and eBTC Token Holders

eBTC listed on CoinExchange

We are listed on COINEXCHANGE now! Trading has already commenced. Please use our referral link 👉 👈 if you need to open a new Account. Available pairs: eBTC/BTC & eBTC/ETH