ChainSecurity joined eBitcoin’s Ecosystem, completing initial wave of Partners

What is necessary for a healthy Ecosystem is Security and professional Auditing for all members.

We are very proud to announce joined our Ecosystem. Chainsecurity is a young company from Switzerland that is already successful and very professional in what they do, making them a perfect match for eBitcoin’s Ecosystem. Their team members have either already earned their PhDs from the University or are nearing completion.

Like a real-life doorman, their team audits smart contracts, secures crypto tokens and Dapps. They have built a mature and trusted product, currently being revamped, as the result of a long-term scientific project that originated at the ETH Zürich. They ensure that they detect vulnerabilities in smart contracts and audited tokens are safe from any exploitation of unforeseen loopholes in smart contracts giving investors and teams of the respective projects comfort and confidence.

New Ecosystem Partners can now have their smart contracts professionally audited by Swiss engineering at special rates. With this, the eBitcoin Foundation ensures that only Partners with secured and fully audited smart contracts/ projects join the Ecosystem. We believe that Chainsecurity will be playing a much greater role in wider crypto markets as blockchain projects continue to launch and the demands for security grows in tandem.

eBitcoin Foundation strives to make crypto investment safer and we aim to work with Chainsecurity to help each other and all partners succeed.

The eBitcoin Foundation’s initial Ecosystem is now fully launched. Additional Projects are welcome and encouraged to apply for consideration.

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eBitcoin Ecosystem March Newsletter

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