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How is the eBitcoin Ecosystem structured? How will it work?

The Ecosystem around eBitcoin has a very simple composition with roots from the old ‘real-world’ economy consisting of Technical, Legal, and Structural departments.

As eBTC is not a company or ICO-driven, but instead a decentralized Foundation, we do EVERYTHING different.

For technical projects, we adopt technology or team members develop it.  For legal issues, because we have no physical “headquarter”, we cover these with partners/members of  the ecosystem.  For structural projects, we have formed distinct units with members from all over the world who have specific responsibilities.

We are making crypto simple, so the WHOLE world can adopt it!

Our Merchant Gateway is the key for merchants to accept eBTC. After the exchange integrations, our Merchant & Payment Gateway to accept eBitcoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other top 50 altcoins has finally launched, marking a big turning point for eBitcoin! Find out more about our  Merchant Gateway.

Proxy Wallet will be the safe storage for your eBTC tokens as well as the primary  application for parts of our ecosystem.  It offers several security features  Different applications we develop and will launch soon will also use the Proxy Wallet to process transactions, such as a messenger solution that is based on the merchant gateway as well as an easy “buy-crypto” option.

Like an optional NFC card that works as an additional two-factor authentificator.

Rega.Life, our newest Partner who joined the ecosystem, is developing insurances based on the blockchain and covered by their community.

They already have a gadget insurance (smartphones) as well as a pet insurance – more will follow.  Since there is no middleman, the insurances have much lower fees and therefore will save the consumer a lot of money.


Mark.Space will offer all our Merchants the capability to open their stores in their VR Blockchain-based world.  eBitcoin Merchants will have a special offer and our community will be able to explore the whole VR shopping world of

Why are we building the ecosystem?

To solve the main criticisms that have always hindered Bitcoin:

  • Excessive energy waste from mining
  • Very long transaction processing times
  • Very expensive transactions fees

What is missing? The value behind it.

Yes, this is

Yes, this is why we built the ecosystem.

It brings maximum value, at


fixed number of limited tokens

fixed number of limited tokens

These are 3 reasons already that make eBitcoin more accessible to the masses as a payment solution.

  • eBitcoin itself is already the "green“ Bitcoin, since there is no mining and therefore no waste of energy.​
  • Transactions are processed faster
  • Transaction fees are much cheaper

The aim is to have all transactions within the ecosystem use eBitcoin. 

Though, of course, some adopted projects will use their own tokens as the Foundation is very open-minded.  The Ecosystem itself will be the platform to adopt more cutting-edge technologies and to help projects get their ideas on the road, with or without an ICO.  If done with an ICO, we are installing a Launchpad specially designed for them.  These will benefit all eBTC holders by providing an advantage to non-eBTC holders. Further details will follow soon.

Another unique, very beneficial, and important idea behind the ecosystem is that a certain percentage of the net profits will be shared with all eBTC investors at a fair distribution with respect to each individual holding.

We kindly request that you please wait with any questions as we are working out the logistics on this.

If you also have an idea and want to partner with us and/or launch your project under the “umbrella” of eBitcoin, please feel free to apply here:

It is time to reinvent insurance. Let us introduce you Crowdsurance.

We all heard about shared economy: people sharing cars, home, bikes, even wi-fi. But why can’t we share our risks and protect each other without insurance companies. We have to pay lots of money because only insurance companies have algorithms for risk assessment, technology and resources.

Leveraging our 20 years experience in risk assessment and scoring we are creating REGA Risk Sharing platform where everyone could unite in groups to protect each other. As REGA Platform has fundamental differences with conventional insurance in foundations, rules and philosophy, we introduce new term “Crowdsurance”.

Crowdsurance is the community of individuals shared their risks with each other. Crowdsurance inseparably connected with blockchain, decentralization and cryptocurrency.



To further empower our vision of bringing crypto applications and tools to mainstream users the eBitcoin Foundation is proud to present to you a hardware wallet with instant access to the blockchain through proxycard. We are paving the way forward to having Crypto currency for everyone with a simple and user oriented app so that everyone can utilize the currency of the future.

Proxy card makes Ethereum Secure and instantly accessible for everyone everywhere.



3D/VR space creation platform connected by one crypto economy

MARK.SPACE is an alternative reality, available in any browser, without pre-installation and registration. This platform is compatible with any VR-headset – entire world comprising shops, offices, banks, cinemas, clubs, communities of interest and personal spaces.

Technically, MARK.SPACE is a new generation of the Internet: compatible websites that, on the one hand are independent (since they have their own domain) and on the other are united by a common transaction and accounting system on the Blockchain and a global search engine. In addition, any user can visit the 3D / VR / AR (virtual reality / augmented reality) spaces inside the universe MARK.SPACE for free.


Blockchain Platform for the Recruitment Industry

Aworker is a blockchain platform for the recruitment. Aworker is aimed to change the recruitment market. With the help of WORK tokens and Ethereum blockchain technology, Aworker will help people find a better job, and companies to select the most competent employees.


Jetcoin Institute was established as a unique launch pad for tomorrow’s superstars in the fields of music, sports and media. With a unique concept that is powered by the revolutionary blockchain technology, Jetcoin Institute is disrupting the traditional celebrity-fan relationship and bringing the two together like never before. Through the Jetcoin Institute’s platform, individuals can actively contribute to transform a promising talent into tomorrow’s super star and benefit from the windfall in the process.


CryptoCriterion is a TRUE middleman in the crypto world. They work with both coin developers AND investors to work out the kinks in the relationship between them both. Generally, that comes down to marketing and research on the behalf of the company, in order to further their reach and solidify their stance in the crypto world. We have one goal: and that is to make true utility go viral when we see it. As part of the ecosystem, we all flourish when the exposure is at the highest point possible and continues to grow.


Problem Hero solves

Two billion people, about 40% of the global population, are still unbanked or underbanked and cannot get access to affordable credit to allow them to go to school, remain healthy and grow their small businesses–credit remains a roadblock to economic prosperity for billions of people.

While those in developed markets suffer from zero interest rates on their savings and rising inflation.


The Hero Capital Market Platform will utilize blockchain and smart contract technology which will enable a network of financial service marketplaces comprised of a series of interdependent and mutually reinforcing projects in emerging countries focused primarily on promoting financial inclusion, transparency, and efficiency by enabling the efficient, frictionless, legally enforceable, and profitable transfer of digital currency to/from local fiat currency in order to provide capital for individuals and businesses in markets that are currently excluded from transparent and efficient access to financial services.

On the other hand the platform will provide those who hold Hero token and who fund loans with a risk-adjusted interest earning opportunity.


Ecosystem Smart Contracts secured by the Leading Formal Audit Platform, Made in Switzerland.

ChainSecurity offers the first automated formal audit platform for smart contracts.

The founders of ChainSecurity are the creators of, the popular Ethereum smart contract analyzer. ChainSecurity provides the only automated formally verified audits, based on the latest research from ETH Zurich.

MoxyOne is an ingenious solution to the issue of under-utilised cryptocurrencies. It allows companies to incorporate a reliable financial infrastructure within their existing ecosystems that gives their token holders an opportunity to spend their tokens. With features such as a debit card, wallet system and virtual debit card, users will be able to make purchases within company ecosystems and “real-world” merchants worldwide.