Blockchain Developers


United States United States
Blockchain/Solidity developer
  • @h3ph4est7s

James Solidity

United States United States
Blockchain/Solidity developer
  • @James_Solidity

Lead Business Developer

Gio vin Die

Germany Germany
  • @GioVinDie

Being an Entrepreneuer for over 20 years, I love to build up businesses out of the dust. Built up several successfull IT Companies & Brands beginning from 1999. Fell in love with eBitcoin (eBTC) on October 4th, got in the Team October 6th.

Project Managers

John O.

United States United States
  • @TailChaserTX

Degree in Advanced Computer Technology – Technology based Business Owner and Entrepreneur for 20+ years.

Ferriandy Ch.

Indonesia Indonesia
  • @deAphoteker

26+ years Linux Advocate & Security/Network consultant & entrepreneur

Zaki S.

Malaysia Malaysia
  • @zaxNdx

A mechanical engineer by trade, graduated with BSc of Mechanical Engineering. Joined eBTC (team) for its vision, stayed for its people.

Miguel Macedo

Portugal Porto, Portugal
  • @OPeculiar

Software Developer. Born at a very young age, started with nothing and still has most of it.


Guru Dev

India Bangalore, India
  • @Cryptotafa

Cloud automation architect, focused on building next generation decentralized cloud and applications using blockchains and smart contract technology. A crypto enthusiast. Love to review and analyse crypto market and innovate the next gen technologies that can help today. More than anything else, a human, a husband and a son. Love helping out people.


Danish Hanif

United Kingdom London, UK
  • @DanishHanif

14 years business development and marketing experience.


Danila Belokons

Latvia Riga, Latvia
  • @crypto_baltic

Founder of Crypto Baltic has been passionately involved in the blockchain technology and has supported a number of projects since 2015. He has a great vision of the market development which resulted as numerous successes for his company.


Alp Akbasli

United States United States
  • @Alp_eBitcoin_Marketing_Hero

A Visionary and Marketing Specialist that discovered Bitcoin when it was $1, discovered Ethereum when it was $15, and discovered eBTC when it was $0.30. He sees a bright future for cryptos ahead!


Jon Greenwood

United States United States
  • @Jgr33nwood

Creator of GreenBits wallet, CEO of CryptoCriterion. Been in crypto since day 1 on slush’s pool. Crypto enthusiast and blockchain developer. Realized a need for a dedicated blockchain marketing startup and created it. Growth agent for the ecosystem.


Stanford Saler

United States Chicago, USA
  • @sf_saler

Engineering Technologist with a strong focus on project coordination and communication. Have several years of experience collaborating with diverse teams from all over the world in the fields of medical imaging and the automotive industry auditing hardware and software.

Proxy Unit

Jay Noe

CEO and Android Developer
United States United States

Jay started as an Android developer 7 years ago, after being a self taught developer from age 9. Working on projects varying from social media startups to lead Android Engineer for a nationwide medical enterprise, Jay is a self-made developer and entrepreneur.

Jason Blood

COO and iOS Engineer
United States United States

Jason has over 20 years experience in the IT industry being a key ingredient in several successful startup companies. His software has won many awards in that time and has helped thousands of people in many walks of life. He believes that technology holds the key to elevating the human race.

Joseph Miglietta

CTO and Backend Engineer
United States United States

Joe is a technical executive and Software Information Architect with over 20 years experience analyzing, developing, producing and launching scalable robust solutions and products. Joseph owns several software patents and has extensive experience running development teams.

Anton Gerasimov

Blockchain/ICO advisor
Russia Russia

MSc degree in Physics from Moscow State University, and will use his visionary knowledge help ensure our product is not only sleek, usable, and exciting — but powerful and accessible as well.

Aworker Unit

Anton Cherkasov

Russia Russia

Anton is an entrepreneur and a founder of SaaS Kepler Leads. He has launched several successful projects. Anton worked in Wildberries (#1 fashion eCommerce in Russia).

Sergey Streltsov

Chief Marketing Officer
Russia Russia

Sergey is a Head of Content (ex-Global marketing director) in Yoola (#1 video network, distribution platform in the world). He has promoted companies in B2B and B2C markets. He is an expert of creating content and promotion products. 

Michael Barkov

HR Partner
Russia Russia

Michael worked as HR Director of PAZOLINI (one of the biggest shoes retail) и Talent Acquisition and Development of L’Oreal. In Aworker he promotes product in HR market and hires the team.

Svetlana Fomenkova

Business Development Director
Russia Russia

Svetlana has strong skills in business development and business strategy. She worked with companies like Lexus, Philip Morris, FHM, The Macallan, Hearst Shkulev Media, FIFA, etc

MoxyOne Unit

Mo Abbas

Australia Australia

Mo has been working as a backend developer with Microsoft technologies for decades. His experience varies from online stock market platforms to fully integrated custom CRM systems. Mo’s recent experience includes Solidity development and smart contracts with Ethereum. His interest now lies within blockchain development and payment solutions.

Tanshul Kumar

Co-Founder & Lead Front End Developer
Australia Australia

Javascript expert and Angular professional, Tanshul has been a front end web developer for more than 12 years. His areas of expertise include web development, programming and marketing. His experience ranges from large telecommunication companies such as Vodafone, to large financial and comprehensive online stock market directories. His interests now lie with blockchain technologies.

Shivangni Singh

Marketing & Research
Australia Australia

Shivangni is a multi-talented member of the MoxyOne team. She has played a key role in the copy writing and design of MoxyOne including the website, social media and whitepaper. With a BA in Psychology, Shivangni continues to add value to the team with her insightful approach to end-user solutions.


Kerubale G. Abegaz

United States United States
  • @K3yrub3ll

I firmly adhere to the notion that positive collective change begins with a network of empowered individuals.
So, I aspire to help strangers become social entrepreneurs.

PR & Media


Philippines Philippines
  • @patrick1012

An educator and online marketer, Philippines founder of Digitech Organization.

Graphics and Illustrations

Zara Walker Designs (ZW Designs)

Sri Lanka Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • @zarawalker

A BSc Business Administration graduate qualified in Finance & Business Systems. But established myself as a freelance graphic designer in major freelance websites having 5+ years experience. Loving the crypto speculation and contributing graphical skills to create the brand awareness among the community.


Paulo Ferreira

Portugal Porto, Portugal
  • @may68

According to his business profile Paulo thinks outside the box, and most say he is not even aware of the existence of a box.


Matt Fethers

United States United States
  • @Microscopicrick

eBitcoin enthusiast and crypto-visionary.



Ryan Welch

United States United States

A successful entrepreneur with a current focus on importing electronic cigarette hardware.  I have a strong interest in utilizing smart contracts when shipping wholesale consumables such as coffee beans, wine, and tobacco. 

The ideas behind eBTC attracted me in, but the teams vision and communities spirit has kept me.


Jose Fernandez

United States Miami, USA
  • @neodimiun

Born in Dominican Republic. Master of Science in Microbiology & Cell Science; Concentration in Medical Microbiology and Biochemistry.

eBTC Spanish Contributor.

Danh N.C. Huynh

Viet Nam Saigon, Viet Nam
  • @dadabosade

I’m always fascinated by “from zero to hero” stories



Kyungwon Yi

South Korea Seoul, South Korea
  • @KyungWonYi

Equity crowdfunding editor and IT blogger. Currently studying computer science.